Imaging tools for medical decision makers

Cambridge Computed Imaging Ltd

CCI are specialists in providing software that helps doctors use
medical images to make decisions.

Clinicians can display, review and manipulate images using in-line measurement and analysis tools to assist diagnosis and quantify treatment response.

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TexRAD Ltd

TexRAD offers an innovative quantitative tool to those researching the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment response of cancer.

TexRAD helps users analyse, detect and measure textures in medical images, revealing more information than can be seen with the naked eye.

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Feedback plc

30 April 2014 – With the acquisitions of CCI and TexRAD, Feedback is firmly repositioning itself as specialists in quantitative tools for medical imaging.

We will develop software that provides innovative techniques and improved workflows for practitioners involved in medical research and treating patients. We will build products that put new and more effective tools into the hands of clinical decision makers, improving patient care and reducing costs.

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